Bad diaper rash

My baby is almost 3 weeks old and I noticed in the past day or so he’s developed a diaper rash thats super red/has blisters/sore spots. I feel so bad 😭 I had started using pampers a few days ago and I think they irritated him too much so I switched to target brand diapers immediately and sized up to allow some breathing room. I’ve been using butt paste (the red one) but I just feel so bad 🥺 I can’t get in with his pediatrician either because of holidays!!! Any advice?
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Try a little baking soda in a warm bath and sit baby in should clear in a couple days.

First look into TCF (totally chlorine free) and sensitive diapers, you can also get magnesium bath flakes and add to his bath plus breast milk if you still have some. Could also go no diaper for an hour after bath. Let him air out. Just set him on a towel and hang with him

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