Kids in therapy

Does anyone have any advice how to get kids to open up in therapy? My son has some emotional and behavioral troubles and I'd like him to be able to talk through them. He's done two therapy sessions so far and hasn't opened up or connected with the therapist yet. We're going to keep trying.
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He's 11

How old is he?

My son tried art therapy and she had toys and stuff. Sometimes it’s easier to open up when their little hands are busy. But I agree with others it’s early.

That’s super early! Depending on the age the therapist probably won’t even push to have them open up yet. It’s about building a relationship and trust. After that the work will begin. Be patient. And just see how they are connecting if in a month or two they don’t seem to have a bond you can always look for a new therapist

It’s only been two sessions - you need to give it time, they need to be able to connect with them and feel comfortable x

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