Don’t know if I’m overreacting but my partner didn’t even get me a card from himself let alone from my little one…all I wanted was a happy birthday mummy card to keep forever. When it was Father’s Day or his birthday I got a card he has some daddy socks, keyring etc…don’t spend much but he just walked to the supermarket late last night got me a bar of chocolate and flowers even though he announces yesterday he doesn’t think we should do birthdays anymore. 🤷🏻‍♀️ just wanted to vent 😆
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Yeah we have he just told me to grow up I suggested a few times maybe we can do some kind of couples therapy session where we can both explain our point of views without laying into each other I guess I can’t change him 🤷🏻‍♀️ so sad it’s ended this way. That sounds like a lovely idea though I did some Halloween footprints on my own turned them into ghosts cats etc…will have to give the Christmas ones a go xx

Eg. My husband and I made salt dough ornaments with my baby’s hand print. We painted them to look like a Santa and sealed them and sent one to my mother in law. She actually cried she loved it so much. Thoughtful. Small. Meaningful.

Have a conversation with him about how this bothers you. You like being thought of and you like that being shown through gifts. Your love languages need some attention too. I find gift giving is a struggle for a lot of people because of the monetary value. But gifts can even be something as small as a card or some sort of arrangement that makes you feel thought of and special (like a kids drawing). One year my husband wrote me a letter. I still have that letter and I will probably have it with me till I die. It’s very special to me.

I know 🙄 his reasoning is if he wasn’t there id do it alone… 😂 honestly of course I would struggle but why watch me struggle I give up 😆. Maybe it’s my problem I do get angry and tell him so …but thanks anyway xxx

Obviously I don't know the full story, but you deserve to be respected and to be with someone who makes you happy. I wouldn't put up with this behaviour if this was my partner. If he's not prepared to fix up for you then I would leave him. My partner would never see me struggle with bags etc, so that's awful to hear 😔 I'm always here if you need someone to talk to ❤️ xx

I know I am very sentimental like I love keeping cards and I said I’m not going to have one now for my first birthday as a mummy but he said it defeats the point if I asked for it. When I asked why he didn’t get me a card or present he said it didn’t even cross his mind. After 8 years together he suddenly can’t be bothered with me. He gets so defensive when i ask him to help with things as well like the other day he arrived home from work the same time as I got in with the baby but instead of helping me into the house with the baby car seat bags etc he just walked in alone and went straight to the bathroom. It’s hard to speak to friends as we share a lot and family like him…. I think I’m just going to have to accept I can’t rely on him for anything sadly maybe i should just move to go and live with my parents again

Why has he refused? That is very disrespectful. You can get a simple card for like 29p in Card Factory ffs. The guy needs to put more effort in it seems xx

Yeah I have done, we even went out and I asked for one but he refused 🤷🏻‍♀️ my mum also nudged him earlier and shes upset as she said she would have got one. Felt like I waited forever to be a mum and then since he’s arrived he’s started treating me like this more and more I’m just fed up now

I'd have a conversation with him if this was me about in future how you want a card from baby. I'd be upset if I didn't get a card from the kids so completely understand your frustration. Men don't think how we do unfortunately 😅 xx

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