Progesterone injections/suppositories and chemical pregnancy

Hi everyone. Thankfully our third IVF cycle has finally resulted in a positive test, but since our only embryo suitable for transfer was pretty low quality I am panicked that we could be facing a chemical pregnancy / early miscarriage. Does anybody know if the progesterone I am taking would mask a failed pregnancy? Would it stop me having any bleeding? I am taking a cyclogest suppository and a lubion injection each day. My early scan isn't for another three weeks so feeling very worried and anxious! Thanks
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When I last miscarried the progesterone delayed the bleed. After stopping it took a week for the bleeding to come. If you haven’t had any symptoms though it could be fine. Just out of interest what grade was your embryo?

I had a bleed on progesterone but everything looked ok! X

I had a chemical and miscarriage and was on progesterone and bled like crazy

Cyclogest can delay bleeding. But unless you’ve had any spotting or severe cramping, it’s best not to worry about it. I know it’s hard, but you just have to let go - what will be will be. At this stage, there’s not really any way of knowing if the pregnancy is going well or not, so just give yourself over to the process. Allow yourself to believe it and to be excited. Xx

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