How to stop breastfeeding

My little one is 2, going to nursery 2.5 days a week and refusing even juice when there as wanting boob! I’m struggling to get him off any tips?
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My 2 year old is starting to slow down, but I'm sure that's because I'm pregnant, so there's one tip 😂

I stopped feeding my son at 23 months, he became more clingy than ever, worse than a newborn he would ask for it all the time! I tried doing it the gentle way but it was never going to work. So I put coffee (decaf) on my nipples, showed him and allowed him to taste it. He found it yucky and didn’t want it, throughout the night he still wanted the boob but I’d show him that it’s yucky. I was persistent and it worked! Yes he was upset for 2 days that he couldn’t have it but I managed to get him off and feel as free as ever!

We still feed but only at home (more if poorly) we feed in my bed every morning, morning snuggle and before daddy takes her to bed. I'm hoping it'll just naturally become less but definitely practice saying 'no' sometimes, it has helped my LG But feed for as long as you both feel comfortable x

You could establish some rules to stop bf gently. Like “boob only if we’re at home” or only on a specific chair or at a specific time. From there, you can keep cutting feedings or making them shorter (using a timer or something). At nursery he could have a new cup maybe with come character he loves to encourage him drinking.

I don't have any advice because I'm feeding my 2 year old too. My first son self weaned at 1. However the benefits of feeding into infancy are incredible so it's completely normal and a fantastic way of giving additional antibodies. Also your milk changes as your little one grows so becomes more fat dense to satisfy them. For nursery try having them pick a new cup or beaker at the shops this worked for me. Also follow the Breastfeeding mentor on Facebook she is great for giving tips on weaning. Iv got us down to 2 feeds a day and good luck it's hard xx

Swap for cows milk and tell them no when they come for breast. It'll hurt for a while but after a year old it's not nessacary as they should be fully weaned onto food

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