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Long story short, I have unexplained infertility. When trying naturally I had 2 chemical pregnancies where I pretty much bled in day 1 of expected period, it would arrive on time given a positive test. We then exploded the ivf route, my first fresh resulted in a chemical and then had a frozen which also resulted in a chemical. We had a meeting with the clinic who advised we pgta our remaining 2 embryos before the next transfer. They advised against NK cell testing as they don’t support the protocol and that there’s not enough evidence to suggest it helps. They said the other option is to have a uterine biopsy to look for infection. What would you do in this situation? I feel like everything’s a gamble. On one had I don’t want to experience a loss again on the other I don’t want to put stress on my embryos going through an additional thawing process. I’ve had a lot of testing done including karyotype and everything is fine. It’s frustrating not having answers
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Did you take coq10 during your retrieval protocol? My husband was on it religiously and I’m pushing him to keep this up consistently while we try naturally until our fertility clinic will do another transfer because this is what our friend thought made the difference for them. I think it really helped with my husbands sperm quality as well.

Yes all my fertility markers are in perfectly normal limits and I’m only 31. My husband had normal markers except for a slightly lower morph but not terrible. Genetic carrier screening/karyotyping all came back normal for us as well so I definitely think it was the embryo make up. We ended up getting decent results during retrieval though so hard to say exactly what it was…maybe both of us watching our diet during protocol? 20 retrieved —> 13 mature —> 12 fertilized —> 7 blast —> 5 PGT normal. My clinic dumps C graded embryos so these are only reflective of A and B combos. We might have had more if we had been able to keep our C’s. My friends sister couldn’t get pregnant and ended up doing IVF for her first. She said her doctor had given them exceedingly low odds to conceive naturally. After her IVF baby she got pregnant again in 3 months (Irish twins) and is about to have her 3rd baby naturally. She thinks it’s due to keeping up with supplements to enhance egg and sperm quality.

I’m so sorry you went through this. So on the back of what you’ve said, do you think your struggles ttc was based on the make up of the embryos? The more I look into my journey the more I do believe it’s the embryos itself wether that’s natural or ivf. Our karyotype was absolutely fine but I guess that doesn’t mean the embryos will form correctly. It’s just weird that I cannot make it past 4.5/5 weeks ever. As soon as my periods due it’s like my body forces anything out I’m really scared to test my 2 embryos, and I think I’ll be so upset if both are abnormal but I can’t run the risk of heartache again.

I had 2 miscarriages and 2 chemicals before we turned to IVF for our second. We did IVF exclusively so we could do PGT and ensure we had genetically normal embryos. We had done testing on one of the miscarriages and it had come back abnormal. Turned out one of the embryos that was genetically abnormal was due to the same trisomy that we had seen in our miscarriage so we were so glad we did the testing. Our first transfer of a 5AA normal embryo was a success, but unfortunately ended at 17 weeks due to factors outside of IVF. I will always advocate for PGT. As someone who has experienced a lot of incredibly confusing loss in trying for number 2 when number 1 was so incredibly easy (conceived after 1 cycle of being off birth control), it was a no brainer for me to exclude certain miscarriage as much as possible.

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