Winter wear/jackets

Girls!! What are you wearing when you step out?? It is too chilly and cold now and my boobs and tummy are big I’m not fitting into my regular winter jacket anymore. Unable to button up. Any cheap deals online for a few months? Don’t want to invest too much with the baby coming.
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I got a lovely maternity coat from Vinted for £10!

Amazingly tiktok have some decent cheap coats at the min if you use that, they don't take that long to come either x

My work fleece is warm and my mil got me a maternity coat with my first baby, which isn't super warm so I wear them together x

I don’t know why but I’m absolutely boiling at the moment so just wearing a cardigan! And I’m nearly always cold usually!!!! X

I got a maternity winter coat on Vinted

Could always hunt something down in a charity shop? You can sometimes find brand new with tags stuff for about £10

I just bought a larger size jacket when F&F had 25% off

I just wear my coat open, with a hoodie underneath and a big scarf!

I got a maternity coat off Facebook market place but also seen you maybe able to get extenders to your coat from amazon x

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