Anyone else wanna throw their child out the window (then Immediately catch them) because every time you put a spoonful of food towards them they SLAP that shit away. 😠😠 Oooooo I know I shouldn't but I gave my child the bird behind his back while he munched a melty stick because mothers home cooking is utter dog shite. 🫠
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I feel your pain but this post really made me laugh 😂

My T1 grabs the spoon of food and blows on it. And my T2 purposely throws her food on the floor 💀

🤣 i can relate. When my daughter has fussy days i could scream. At the moment she will only eat her porridge in the morning if i play barbie girl on repeat! I was ok with it at first but she needs a new song! X

My sons the same. One trick ive learned, give them an extra spoon. When they go to put the empty spoon in their mouth quickly put your spoon with the food in 😂

Mine just grabs the spoon and then looks at my in disgust when they’ve got it all over their hand like it’s my fault 😂🤡🫠 didn’t see this bit in the memos lol x

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