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40 weeks tomorrow and I’ve been into triage today to see if my waters was leaking and they confirmed they wasn’t, and I’m 2/5 engaged and my cervix is high and closed? Feel like I’m gonna need to be induced, did anyone else have similar and continue to deliver natural? I’m getting at sweep tomorrow at 12 just hoping it starts things but I’ve no idea what they even do as it’s my first baby, but I feel hopeless and my body is physically exhausted now 😢
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I tried a sweep yesterday but as soon as she felt my cervix was high and closed she literally ripped her gloves off and was like “no can’t do it see ya” I’m being induced tomorrow at 40w xx

I had my first attempt at a sweep at 40+2 and was basically the same, she could only get a fingertip in. I had another go on Sunday (40+7) and I was 1cm so she managed something. Been again today (40+9) and had another one. Cervix seems to have shortened and I'm booked in for Friday (40+12) for induction if nothing happens. Once you've had your sweep, keep active, gravity will help and I was recommended curb walking to get my pelvis rocking and the baby to push down and hopefully dilate cervix more Sorry, long message that!

You have time don’t worry. I’m going to have my first sweep on Saturday at 41+4 assuming baby doesn’t appear before then. We have spoken about induction but won’t be doing it before 42 weeks. The idea of the sweep is that it helps promote the cervix to create a hormone that helps kickstart everything. The later in pregnancy you have it the more likely it will work. My midwife said most of the time she doesn’t see the point in them before 41 weeks.

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