Worried about the size of my daughter

My daughter is 10 months old and was 33.5 inches and 33 lbs 7 oz at the doctor yesterday. They said “wow such a big girl” but didn’t seem concerned otherwise. Do we just think she’s gonna be tall? Is 33 lbs too much for this height?
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Mines was 30lbs 14oz a month ago around that age. Once they start moving around more the wt will start to drop

@Rose wow that’s awesome! Boys are slower growers most of the time so I’m sure he will be crazy tall too!

Chiming in late on this thread, but so interesting! My husband and I are the same as ya’ll (me 5’7¨and he’s 6’5”) Our 11 month old is 31 and he weighs 22.5, so he’s a skinny thing, but also not nearly as tall as we imagined. I’m interested to see how he grows.

my son is big too so i always make sure to clarify with my doctor. she says all babies are different and he is on track for his specific growth rate. shes just fine momma!

We’re the same in height and weight, and 99th percentile for both. They say you can estimate height off (mom+dad/2)-2.5 inches (for a girl) or double their height at roughly 18 months (for a girl). Big babes are great and tend to be very healthy and good sleepers - hopefully you’re experiencing the best of it all!

@Carson Jones this is the best information thank you so much! My husband is 6’ 6” but I’m only 5’ 6”. I’m thinking she’s gonna take after dad on height. Do you happen to know any of your baby/toddler heights. I would just love for my daughter to be 6’!

Very tall! My daughter is 30 inches at 10 months and 22 lbs! She is tall and super skinny lolol your babe is definitely gonna be tall! My daughters weight is in 80th percentile and height is higher than that. I’m sure your daughters weight and height percentile is bigger! Are you and your partner fall?? My husband is 6’4 and I’m 6’!

Thank you everyone for calming my momma nerves ☺️

I mean she’s big and tall. But nothing to worry about. Wanna be friends with my daughter? She just turned 11 months and is 28 inches and 25 lbs lol

She looks normal to me she is just solid nothing wrong. May have more muscles 💪🏾 my 11 mo is only 18lbs last time we checked but looks normal as well everyone wears weight different

She’s so adorable! Looks like a normal baby to me! It’s all about genetics as well. If individuals in your family are taller and broader than it seems pretty normal. Especially if she was big at birth like 9+ pounds.

My son is 11 months and 27 pounds, but he was 11 pounds when he was born. Was your daughter big when she was born? I think she looks perfect! She will thin out some when she starts walking.

I mean I'd imagine she just looks like a normal baby. My son is 24ish pounds but he's super skinny

Omg can you include a pic??? Sorry if that's odd I'm just so impressed! It's unbelievable!

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