Smoking while pregnant

I’m 35 weeks pregnant and used to smoke everyday but once I found out ( 4 weeks along at this point) I just went cold turkey and I’ve slowly started getting back into it but I’m scared that because I stopped smoking for the best part of 6 and a half months that getting back into it this far along will make me have a still born or something will go wrong, does anyone know if it’s gonna cause harm or anything while 35 weeks pregnant or is it okay to slowly get back into it ?
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I’d stop at this point just in case they drug test you or your baby in the hospital. It happened to two of my friends. As for your concerns about harming your baby, it won’t and your baby will be fine.

My last pregnancy I didn’t stop my appetite was shitty so that’s why I smoked and it helped a lot with my morning sickness my son is now 1 years old and is perfectly fine

I smoked while pregnant, and my daughter is in the 70th percentile. she's a chonker

I've started back to hitting my weed pen at night for the last 2 weeks as I'm having severe hip amd back problems I'm currently 31 weeks I've felt no change with my son he's constantly moving around so I know he's ok in fact he moves more after I smoke.

thc doesn’t cause still birth. nicotine/tobacco do. as long as your avoiding nicotine and consuming it my smoking papers/hemp wraps or eating edibles :)

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I smoked occasionally throughout my pregnancy, I used to smoked like a damn chimney lmao. I stopped for a little while but my morning sickness got so bad I lost 12lbs in the first trimester so I started again and just switched to glassware like a bong or a hand bowel. Baby came out healthy and meeting all her milestones early. She’s a very active and talkative 10 month old now. All the research I’ve done on cannabis and pregnancy say that the babies tend to come out more advanced if anything, usually the negative effects listed are lumped in with the effects of cigarette smoking even tho they are no where similar. I’d say do some more research for yourself and make the best decision for you and your little baby

I smoked my entire last pregnancy I really tried to stop but with me not being able to eat and the stress I was going through made it hard. My baby came out healthy and he’s doing great right now. Also I did inform my doctors through out my pregnancy that I was smoking they told me to stop but I didn’t. I been smoking for 10 years cold turkey is hard as hell for me

There isn’t really enough evidence out there to proof that it can harm your baby but there also isn’t anything saying that it doesn’t. So it’s really at your own risk. I read comments on posts like these all the time and it’s always mixed opinions. I seen some moms saying their baby is fine, but I also seen a couple moms say that their baby has autism. Was it by chance? Maybe, so it’s kinda hard to say. It’s up to you as a mother to choose for your child.

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