Being told different things !!

Blood pressure. The nurse told me DIA 80 or over is high yet I’ve had blood pressure done today with my midwife and the bottom number reading 82 and she’s saying she’s not concerned it’s not high ? I’m soooo confused everyone I see be it a nurse/doctor/midwife are all saying different things about my readings and it’s frustrating me and not making me feel confident in any of them at all. What advise has others been given around readings of blood pressure and what’s considered as on the higher side? Please someone make it make sense 😅
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Better to be safe with blood pressure, also I'd mention the swelling again just incase, make sure they check ur urine for protein too x

@Emily thank you for this it’s really helpful, I’ve got an appointment at the hospital tomorrow for blood pressure check but my midwife said she was happy to cancel it for me because she’s done it today and I was like hmmm I’d rather have the reassurance and a second opinion so I’ve kept the appointment. I feel my midwife hasn’t been very helpful I mentioned swelling and she just brushed it off and said yeah it’s normal but I’m not 100% sure x

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