Baby obsessed with dancing fruit🤣

Is anyone else’s babe obsessed with the fruits?! She literally cries and as soon as i put her in her chair with the fruits on she has a massive smile on her face 🤣🥹 I feel bad letting her watch tv but like i say, she’s obsessed and she is so happy when watching it!
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He loves this too! I always said I’d never let him watch tv young but it helps me get the housework done or atleast some of it😅 he now loves in the night garden too but so do I 🤣

Mine loves it! It's the only way I get to eat some days!

Ms Rachel is also great keeps my 3 month old entertained for an hr whilst I clean

All day everyday😳 my baby cries when we eat out or drive in the car and the only way to stop him is to play dancing fruit on our phones😅😂x

I feel bad for doing it too but if I put the dancing fruits or animals (I discovered the animals a couple of days ago) on it gives me 10 minutes in the morning to feed the dogs, wash bottles and eat breakfast without having to worry about her.

Mine too 😂 sometimes I think oh what’s wrong with her now and then realise its because an adverts come on 😂😂

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