Hey moms

Hey idk if we're poly or not but what we're looking for is kitchen table and living together couples and kids become a blended family and the kids grow up as siblings daughters share a bedroom sons share a bedroom the couples each have a bedroom we have 3 kids none of our own I have 2 he has 1. 2 boys 3 and 11. 1 girl is 5.
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@Heather platonic unless the men agree on just me and the woman being romantic while I'm still engaged to my man if not we'd like it to be fair for everyone and be platonic hope that makes sense lol cuz I'm bi and don't want another man 🤔

Ah. So completely platonic? Or is there romantic involvement?

@Heather we won't be dating or anything sexual

How does each couple have their own room work logistically if you are dating each other? Like does each "couple" allow the other into their private space or is there an extra room that's utilized for anyone not in the "couple"?

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