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My little boy has been throwing up through the night last night and today after all feeds but one. He’s only had around 6oz all day (2oz and 1oz each time) I took him to the doctors earlier because he is constipated and mentioned the sickness and lack of feeds but she didn’t really give any advice. Do we just carry on as he’s not showing any signs of dehydration or do you think I should ring 111? I know I’m probably being paranoid but the amount he’s drinking is really worrying me! Thankyou xx
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Definitely worth calling 111. My little boy threw up after gagging on some food yesterday at about 4pm, then carried on throwing up including fresh feeds and part digested milk, then was retching and throwing up stomach acid. We were advised to take him to A&E, he was checked over and after a few hours we were sent home as he had started to perk up a bit. He slept midnight - 8am then threw up his first feed again and continued to retch and heave so we took him back to hospital. They syringe fed him diluted cordial 5ml every 5mins for an hour to try and get him hydrated, and agreed it was either a bug of some sort of something he has had in a baby food pouch has disagreed with him and his body is flushing it out. He was very sleepy and lethargic until around 2pm today but has been much more himself this evening. If something doesn't feel right it's always best to be sure xx

Haha, no way! Small world! I’ll message you x

@Ro ah Thankyou! It’s me, Abi with Arlo from Bearwood xx

I’d call 111 just for a second opinion or at least reassurance. You know your little one best and it’s always the right thing to follow your instincts. Your not being paranoid my lovely, just worried x

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