Can anyone please share with me what you do to get your hubby in the mood? He insists it’s me who never reaches out to him and I just don’t know what else to do. I’ve dressed up for him, I’ve offered bj’s, but he still tells me my energy is too masculine 🫠 This is my first marriage but I never had an issue getting sex from a man and it just sucks because its affecting my self esteem; we don’t cuddle, we don’t sleep in the same bed, we dont go out on dates, he works from home and Im a SAHM and I still feel so alone and confused …
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Dang. 2 times in 4 months .... no no no that's not normal... couples massages and oils and fun spicy things are available for ordering at amazon or adam and eve (also might be a vitamin deficiency thing now that I'm thinking about it).... also look for candy for men ... got some for my man a while back and it helps a bunch when you guys get stressed with life

Does he watch porn? Porn addiction can cause a lot of issues!!

@Rebecca thank you Rebecca! I will try to spoil him I do feel like his job stresses him alot he’s yelling at drivers or customers are yelling at him all day

@Rachel he says I don’t let him sleep bc I snore alot and the baby wakes up at night still😅😭 the cuddling part idk he’s not very affectionate

@Hadiyah see I think the same; man always want sex ugh drives me crazy. he mentioned I hurt his ego by telling him that “I didn’t feel we were connecting sexually” and after that he never tried to have sex for 14 months until recently, we did it twice in the last 4 months

Maybe try a date night at home? My husband stressed out at one point over providing for the family and I did a home date night while a friend watched the baby. I made him some food he really liked and and even took the extra time and made us some fancy deserts. we just talked about what we needed to make it easier on us as new parents. The discussion was hard but it made everything easier

If you don't mind me asking... what's the reasoning behind not cuddling or sharing a bed? Is it him that doesn't want?

Your man sounds like hes having personal insecurities. ... is he having ED or self esteem issues about providing or anything along those lines? Perhaps sex therapy or little blue pills might be in order? Idk that sounds strange to me that a man isnt focused on sex 24/7

Honestly sounds like he’s projecting his own insecurity. Or may be feeling guilty… you’re doing everything right in my opinion. It’s hard to want to do more when you are scared of being told you don’t do enough.

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