What are your must haves?

Whether it’s your first or you’ve been there and done it before, I’d love to know what’s on your must have list for your baby? I’m fortunate to have a family who are all excited to buy things for the new arrival, so I’m preparing Bump’s very own Christmas list and looking for some inspiration! 😅
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Oh yes! Baby monitor, definitely - this was always a good source of entertainment as well as my son was a mini houdini and somehow always managed to get out of his sleeping bag... while he was asleep! 😂

Baby monitor too!

Things I definitely needed / used a lot / really appreciated: - LOTS of muslin cloths, LOTS! - Plenty of vests and babygrows - Changing mat that was easy to move around (and all the changing stuff) - A good changing bag with lots of pockets and thermal sections - Baby carrier - Nursing pillow - Something for the baby to sleep in at night (and spare sheets!) - Something to set the baby down in during the day - Baby bath and towels - Nipple cream if you're breastfeeding - Pump if you're pumping - Bottles and a sanitiser - Swaddle sacks - Long baby nightgowns with an elasticated bottom - these make night changes soooo much better! - Egg room thermometer (was always surprised by actual temp and makes sure you have the right number of layers for sleep) - Pram and car seat Probably could've done without anything else!

If anyone’s wanting the tommee tippee perfect prep machine it’s 40% off on their website right now ☺️

That’s the thing, it’s hard to know what you will and won’t need when it’s your first. It’s so useful to hear what others would prioritise who have done it before! 😊

This is my second, so I’m thinking about what’s more practical and what I actually used this time :) So helpful when people buy you stuff it’s good to make it last :)

Love your list @Jen! I’ve got towels on the list! I’ve seen some fab hands free ones that you wear like an apron, so they made the list straight away!

Following. :)

White noise machine Perfect prep machine and nuby cooling flask set (if bottle feeding) Baby grows and vests (outfits are cute but not practical when changing so much) get lots of sizes. I got to 3-6 months and then had to go buy more stuff so it would be nice being off on maternity having all sizes of clothes (even if just vests and baby grows) Baby carrier is a good gift Bath thermometer Baby towels

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