Hello!!! Looking for Spanish speaking moms!

Hola Lindas! Im looking for Spanish speaking mom preferably Puerto Rican or Dominican to help me practice my Spanish! I want my kids to be able to speak their language! I don’t want them growing up being a no sabo como yo! 😩 if you have WhatsApp we can send voice messages back and forth spilling all the tea in Spanish! 😆 please and thank you!
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I need to learn Spanish because sadly my mil never taught my Puerto Rican fiancé Spanish 😭 I want my son to know his heritage and speak his language

@Bianca I'd love to know French and Spanish!

What language are you wanting to learn?! If you’re interested in Spanish, perhaps I can add you to the WhatsApp and we can all practice together ☺️

I was literally just saying to my mom that I want my kids to know multiple languages. However I only speak English 🙃 I've been trying for years to learn here and there though. I hope you get to practice your Spanish with someone!!

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