Beyond Thanksgiving…what are YOU thankful for?

I know many people who may not celebrate this upcoming American holiday from a historical perspective…and I understand this. But it appears taking a moment to be thankful is all around us with or without family and friends. So what are you thankful for? Is it selfish to say you?
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Enjoy your day wherever you are and whatever you do. As a future, current or past educator please know how much we appreciate you too. Education is usually a hot topic of conversation in our family and beyond…

With family and their friends this Thanksgiving it has been a bit non-stop and it was beautiful to engage and depart with many conversations. Not to mention the good food that I did not have to cook…this time 😉

Yup! I just re-read what I wrote in that moment and clearly I had a lot to say. Now that the day has passed I appreciate the ability to be content.

Yes, family and friends despite the challenges of the past, present and future has, is or will bring. In this moment being thankful for the ability and support of so many (including myself) to just be…and be able to think, care and share.

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