Crying at bedtime/nap time

Has anyone else’s 2 year old started crying every nap time and bedtime when you leave the room? My little girl has always self soothed but for about two weeks now she’s hysterical when we leave the room. Nothing else has changed in her routine. It’s taking her much longer to fall asleep because of it too and she’s getting overtired 😐 What’s going on?!
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@Breeze 2 months?! 😐🫣 jeez. I hope it gets better for you soon x

@Jordan it's been 2 months for us but has improved over time but can't break the cycle of lying next to her to get her to fall asleep now 🙈

@Breeze how long does it last? I did wonder if it was the regression x

@Jordan im hoping so!

It's likely to be 2 year sleep regression. It's exhausting. I have to lie next to my LG at night now for her to fall asleep

@Chloe sounds very similar! My little girl has also been waking up really early compared to usual too. We’ve been 5am the last 3 days 😭 wonder if it’s just a phase x

@Jordan my little girl screamed for over an hour yesterday (I did keep going back in), shouting my name over and over, getting out of bed, opening her door, ragging on the gate at the top of the stairs. Soon as she woke up at 6.30 this morning, crying again x

@Chloe it’s so frustrating! I hate leaving her when she’s upset too, but she wants me to sleep in her bed and I can’t start that. X


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