Breastfeeding and alcohol.

Is it Ok to consume alcohol (red wine) for a breastfeeding mom? The baby is 22m & still breastfeeding during night time.
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I will be drinking tomorrow however I will be pumping and dumping for 24 hours. He will use my stored milk.

Two of my doctors have said to wait 2 hours per drink

"According to Dr. Jack Newman, it is not so much the concentration of alcohol in the milk that causes a problem for the baby, but rather the ability of the mother to take care of her child if she is under the influence of alcohol. Even in the case of a one-time excess, or regular alcohol abuse, the risks of neglect or accidental injury can be more of a problem than the consumption itself. It is the regular or excessive consumption of alcohol that is associated with negative effects in breastfed infants and on milk production. Research suggests that occasional and moderate alcohol consumption is compatible with breastfeeding. You can therefore have a drink with family or friends, without fear, guilt or additional worries."

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