TW ⚠️Bleeding

Hey y’all. 6w5d today. Last night I had a gush of red watery blood. It was like a light period. Mostly when going to rest room, didn’t fill a pad. This morning it was brown now it’s mostly gone. I’m not in any pain. My husband keeps telling me it’s fine and he heard it’s normal so didn’t take me to ER. What’s y’all’s opinion? Am I all good since it went away and no pain?
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@Beth I have a scan in 10 days. As long as it isn’t heavy I’m not going to worry about it

:( not cool. Maybe see if you can get seen by a different provider? I still am waiting for my appt next Thursday but just the labs are reassuring.

@Beth she said she’s book and I’m going to have to wait until my appointment on the 11th

So I just started bleeding and my doc ordered HCG levels again to see if it’s still rising appropriately. Maybe they’ll do that to help ease your mind?

@Taylor dr won’t see me. She says it’s very common as 1 in 4 women have bleeding. She said as long as there is no blood clots I’m fine

Call your doc, any bleeding should be mentioned to your doc. People say it’s “normal” but I don’t think the majority of women have bleeding. Your doc may be able to get you in today

Good luck ❣️

@Caroline unfortunately I have to send most my money to him to pay bills so I can’t afford that. I’ve emailed the drs office

I was told the same thing by my boyfriend. My coworkers said it was normal. But when I went to the ER baby had no heart beat . Follow your instincts if he can't take you, get you an uber.

@Caroline I told my husband last night we needed to go and he won’t take me because he looked it up and the internet and his sister says it’s normal

I didn't bleed alot when I had my previous miscarriage. Go to the ER ASAP. A peace of mind is what you need

@Beth I’ll email when I get off work

I would send a message at least to your doc. No pain and not filling the pad are good signs though.

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