Splitting the night feeds with partner

I'm off on leave and he works 12 hrs shifts 4 days a week. When he's working I do all the night feeds, have my little girl all day and she only likes contact naps. I struggle to get any housework done. If she does settle in a cot it's only enough time to get some food/drink and go the toilet. I'm so exhausted by the weekend so I think its only fair he takes over the night feeds on the weekend. She gets unsettled about 5am everyday and I want him to take her downstairs so I can catch up on sleep. But he has said when does he get time for a lie in?! We have argued about it for a few weeks now, so we're going to try and take it in turns getting a lie in on sat/sun. How is everyone else splitting night feedings with their partners. And when will ut get better and get more sleep. She is 8 weeks old now. We are both so shattered 😴😴😴
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In the week I do all the feeds day and night because I'm on maternity and he is working but on Fridays and Sat night I express milk for a bottle abd my partner does the 3am feed so I can sleep and then I wake up do the next feed around 7 and pass him to my partner who then entertains him til nap time assuming LO doesn't go straight back to sleep.

In the week I do it all. Sometimes my little girl will wake 5/5:30 for a feed and he’ll do it as that’s when he gets up for work. He will also sterilise bottles we’ve used from the evening/overnight. On the weekend, I do some night feeds but depends how I feel. If I’m struggling then I ask him to help and he’s happy too.

My little boy is ebf so my partner can't really do night feeds but he gets our toddler up and gives her breakfast every morning so I get an extra wee nap in (baby permitting) in the morning. Same at the weekends. I think your partner could at least do one of the night feeds at the weekend so you can get some rest. It's good bonding time apart from anything else.

I do all the feeds as my husband works. It's me and our children 90% of the time while he earns the money to keep a roof above our heads while I'm on maternity leave.

I just do the night shifts now as my Partner doesn’t wake up 😑 not sure if it’s a tactic. He’s brilliant tho when he gets home from work.

Baby girl only wakes once in the night at 4am so he’ll do that then I’ll do the 7am feed as he needs to get ready for work. I lucky he’s very hands on a helps despite working 8-6 and these past few weeks 8-2000 7 days a week

I do the nights but when the Mr is working from home or at the weekend he then takes over in the morning from about 7am and lets me sleep in

My partner does the “late” shift (8:30pm-2am) nearly every night so I can get a chunk of sleep in, but I’m quite lucky that he works from home, so no commute time and can set his alarm for 8:30am. At the weekends he’ll stay up sometimes till 3am and sleeps in longer 10/11am. Because I’ve gone to bed at 8:30 (or earlier) I don’t mind getting up with him in the mornings. In my head I break it down to late shift, night shift and early shift, your partner should choose which he wants, but should do one of them! Can he also have your baby when he gets home from work for a few hours so you can get a decent nap in?

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