How often do breastfeeding babies poo

How often are breasted babies supposed to Poo? Getting conflicting messages from health professionals - some are saying it needs to be twice a day and it’s a sign of dehydration if they are not hitting this/others say it’s fine for a few days to not have a poo Baby is 2 weeks and has regained birth weight and is having 6-9 wet nappies/day but just worried as baby is small
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Strictly Breastfed babies don't need to poop as often because they are getting the exact nutrients needed so it's not uncommon for them to not poop every day. My first baby pooped maybe twice in a week.

Different midwives say different things I already gave up in trying to understand them 😅. Not disrespecting anyone but I feel more comfortable on the ones that have already been mums. On the visit today the midwife told me, please believe and follow your instincts. You are discovering your baby and I take it as a number of poo as guidelines but 'one size doesn't fit all' so follow your gut.

My baby poops at least like 3x a day. What my mom says is as long as the poop is enough for all the days she hadn’t pooped then you are good. My sister apparently would only poop every like 10 days but they were beyond massive

@Marisa yeah mine poops maybe every 3 days but when she does it’s massive! Just confusing when one midwife is really worried when she hasn’t pooped, and then another midwife is like oh yeah it’s ok

I express and my lo doesn't poop everyday, neither did my ebf first Maybe 4 dsys a week he poos, usually more than one on the day he does but then go a day or so before the next xx

My baby is the same age and we had a midwife visit today. We were wondering the same thing, but my baby is doing BF and formula top up when required as he didn't regain full birth weight yet. According to the midwife sometimes babies when having formula can go a few days without pooing, if the baby carries on eating and having a good amount of wet nappies they aren't concerned seems it is the your situation, just prepare for a big big one😅 it what happen to us in last week😅. I hope it helped.

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