Pelvic Girdle Pain

I’m suffering really badly with PGP. Been referred to physio and have got a pelvic support belt. Pain since physio session has been unbearable and have recently been sleeping with a full body pregnancy pillow and taking Paracetamol/ using deep heat. Nothing seems to be working! I’ve rang NHS 111 and have been told it’s probably muscle pain even though I’ve been diagnosed with PGP. Has anyone got any advice? I’ve tried everything so far and the pain is getting worse.
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@Alix it’s a nightmare isn’t it, surely muscle spasms aren’t this bad xx

@Jade my pain is literally when I do anything, even walking to the toilet and back I’m in agony. Deep heat is good for pain but I work with the elderly and it involves a lot of heavy lifting and have had back problems before pregnancy too but the pain has never been this bad x

I spoke to a doctor last week on the phone who also told me it was probably just muscle spasms, but I didn't agree at all lol. I've got a midwife appointment this week though so I'm going to ask her about it then. I was given a codeine prescription though, but other than that I've only found that laying on my back on a hard surface and kind of rolling the back of my pelvis on the floor helps for short periods!

I have this I see a physio every two weeks have different support belts for walking and sitting. Depending on where your pain is I get it in the back and down the leg when I’ve done too much and that could be standing up and washing up or putting the toys away at the end of the day so not exactly strenuous things. But I then can’t walk at all. Hot water bottle is the only thing that gives some relief The pain at night between my legs when turning over is agonising. Does yours get more aggravated the more you do during the day ? I have been put on complete rest which is the only way I’ve been managing the pain. Physio suggested antenatal pilates too

I've been seeing the physio for about 6 weeks now and it's a real roller coaster with pain, this week they've said I'm to start acupuncture weekly until baby is born alongside the exercises. It may be worth asking about this on your next app

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