Chicken pox

Has anyone experienced this, what were the first symptoms and did the spots appear all at once? My daughter woke up with a high temperature this morning which was random as she has just gotten over a cold, she had slept all day and could hardly keep her eyes open. While changing her I noticed a small spot by her leg, I didn't think anything of it but now I am thinking it could be chicken pox 🥹
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Calpol only no nurofen as makes infections worse and As CP is a viral infection it could make her worse. However sounds like CP starting

My little girl had them a few months back. Started off a few then got worse over the next few days before she was covered. They all scabbed in around a week. Plenty of calamine cream for the itch, oat baths and calpol if needed. No nurofen as it can cause skin infections x

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