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Having trouble pumping regularly since my husband went back to work because my baby won’t let me put her down! Not even to nap. How am I supposed to keep to a regular pumping schedule when I am constantly holding my baby 😭
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I wore my baby in a wrap and pumped like that. Not a long term solution, once they start moving it's harder. I would wrap the baby, then apply pumps and move the wrap where it held the pumps on.

I had my baby in between my two boobs while pumping or on my legs, or I could lay him on the couch right against my legs. It sucked really a lot but that phase didn’t last that long

I totally understand your feelings. I pump 3x a day (morning, noon, and 7:30pm) and I only usually have help at night from my husband. My back is killing me since I have to sit on the floor with my daughter while pumping in order to keep her happy. It's not easy.

@Dammy yes exactly. It’s so frustrating. I feel like I’m failing as a mom because my supply is dropping and I’m only pumping like 3 times a day but I just don’t have the time to do it. Almost every nap I’m nap trapped, even nights, I’m only sleeping like 4 hours a night and not eating well enough or drinking enough water. I just feel like I’m drowning and I’m afraid that the pumping and exclusively feeding breastmilk is what is going to have to be sacrificed because I just can’t do it consistently enough if I’m always holding her. Ugh I’m like girl don’t you want me to make you some milk!? I wish she could understand me lol.

Do you have hands free pumps? Maybe try to pump one boob at a time. Then you can hold your baby on the other side.

just to say i had the same issue, i feel your pain! Time to cook and eat and drink in order to produce milk also affected! Can only do the best we can.. i keep some ready made milk for the days my production is dire and then try to maximise pumping where i can!

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