Husband slightly shook baby

My husband plays with the baby and grabbed the baby by the shoulders and slightly shook him I was there so I told him to stop. The baby's head tilted forward. The baby is 7 months old he didnt voilently shake him. He said he forgot that hes not suppose to shake a baby. I'm very pissed off. He was just playing, it was a tiny shake and not voilent one I'm wondering if hes ok? He still smiles and laughs, everything normal. I know that if its a voilent angry shake its different. Im just very upset.
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I read it somewhere after 8 months it’s ok but I still scold my husband if he play rough with my 18 month. Don’t worry mama. Just keep an close eye on baby’s behaviour

It takes a lot of force to give a baby shake a baby syndrome. Like a lot. A little bounce and shake here and there won’t do the damage. He’d have to be like super aggressive. You might be able to find a video on it. I seen one a few weeks ago.

Babies are not as fragile as most people think. They're very bendy and their bones are not solid and brittle yet. Babies fall, tumble, knock their heads... Many babies are actually soothed by rather vigorous bouncing. Shaken baby requires enough force to bounce the baby's brain around in its skull, not dissimilar to us getting a concussion. This requires an excessive amount of force. As someone mentioned above, it is deliberate, and extremely unlikely to happen during play of any kind. Boys, in general, are rougher on their own bodies too. My son runs headlong into just about everything and has been since he started to walk. It doesn't matter what we do, he's determined to test the limitations of his body. He's hit his head more times then i can count. But it's usually just a quick tear, then back to running like a crazy person. Your 7 month old, was likely having a good time with his dad. Don't stress about it!

@Lina María as I mentioned, to each their own. Every parent is going to be different, even doctors will have different opinions. I personally would not feel comfortable and would be upset if my husband treated our baby this way. Thank God he is not like that, he is a gentle caring man who would bond differently.

There is a difference to consider with a loving and playful dad and a pissed of, angry and violent dad. The first one will not hurt a baby. And you LO is no longer a new born. The second one is a person who CAN hurt your baby. We have a duty to allow our partners to get involve and bond with our kids, even when do it in matter that is totally different from ours. Hope you find a good balance.

@Megan with all due respect, I even asked this to a doctor at the hospital and she told me: there is a huuuge difference between the shaking of a play and a violent shake out of rage. Dads play this way. I know sometimes we see very fragile our babies but this kind of game with loving dad (not angry violent pissed off dads) are GOOD for babies and kids. It helps them with their bond and also with their physical awarness.

I just looked up the symptoms I’ll paste it , your baby is fine mama ❤️ • Convulsions (seizures) • Decreased alertness • Extreme irritability or other changes in behavior • Lethargy, sleepiness, not smiling • Loss of consciousness • Loss of vision • No breathing • Pale or bluish skin • Poor feeding, lack of appetite • Vomiting

If it’s not violent, vigorous, or repeated, AND baby is behaving fine, baby is fine. My 4 month old LOVES being bounced and jiggled like that

My cousin does this thing with babies and they’ve all been fine. About when they’re 6-12 months. It’s like he holds them and then makes it like the baby is an automatic gun so they shake a bit up and down. No one has ever had a problem with my cousin doing it. I think as long as it’s not crazy aggressive your baby should be okay. If you’re ever worried about your baby’s well being, you can take them in to your doctor or urgent care. Yes it might take some time to be seen but if it gives you peace of mind then it’s worth it in my opinion ❤️

@Megan definately my reaction too I got pissed off. Still am.

To each their own of course. It doesn’t always start with anger. But if it were me and things weren’t changing, I would do something about it. I hope it gets better

Your husband definitely should be more careful, however what I remember hearing from some education safety video about shaken baby syndrome is it’s next to impossible to do by accident or to happen while playing with the baby…it has to be done with a certain amount of force to injure the baby so it only happens when someone purposefully shakes the baby hard.

@Amanda omg lol yea that is too rough I dont think hes suppose to do that. Men are something else. Babies are very delicate they can get brain injuries.

My LO is 7 months as well and my bf flips him upside down and such. Lol. Personally I find it too rough for a 7 month old but I think as a mother our instinct is more present. If it was in play, he should be ok.

@Megan yea but the baby just woke up and was quiet he was not angry when he grabbed him he was just saying my chubby big boy and started to shake him by the shoulders slightly. He gets too excited but its very stupid Ive shown him and told him many times not to do that stuff.

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@Leslie I've shown him many times.

I’m not sure what I would do if I felt I had to constantly watch my husband with our baby. I trust him more than anything. I’m just saying, people that shake babies and cause damage and harm to them, usually will try to make excuses for themselves and pretend they didn’t know better.

At 7 months they are pretty strong thankfully. I would search for some info on shaken baby syndrome & share with you’re husband. When I had my first I did that just as a precaution for both me & my partner. Learn about what it is, signs and what happens after. He won’t forget again.

Yes he should be okay if he seems normal. If he gets groggy/ excessive crying/sleeping unresponsive that's when you need to worry.

@Megan I don't want to be rude but my partner is kind of slow. I feel like I can't take my eyes off him during the day.

Personally it seems odd that you “forget” you’re not supposed to shake a baby. Everyone knows that. They are fragile and shaking a baby can cause a lot of damage. Especially if he would have continued if you didn’t ask him to stop… what would happen if you weren’t there?

Ye he would have kept shaking him while playing if i wasnt there i told him to stop playing like that and he said that he forgot that hes not suppose to shake a baby

Omg ok thanks lol

If he’s acting normal he’s probably fine ! They are more worried when the baby has no control over their head !

My baby is almost 7 months, he loves being swung around and such if it's not a violent shake he should be fine :)

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