Advice please. Amicable split

So me and my partner have just amicably broken up. We have a 2 year old and currently live together in a mortgaged property. I’ve agreed to move and he’s agreed to give me some money out of the house which we currently live in. I’m happy with this decision. I’m looking at property’s but I’m stuck as I only work part time. I know I can apply for universal credit but that would only apply if I don’t have savings but I will have some when my now ex gives me the money from the house. I can’t afford to rent without universal credit and I wouldn’t be able to afford the mortgage payments of a new house without universal credit. I just feel so stuck and I’m not sure what options I have. Any advice would be appreciated! My next stop is to contact citizens advice 👍
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They don’t make it easy for people in this situation do they! I’m yet to call citizens advice but I will soon. It would be over 16k unfortunately. It’s a shame I can’t know for sure how much I’d get until I apply

They don’t make you live off anything over 6k I’ve been in the position myself the just deduct from uc

Aslong as you’re equity is under 16 thou you will still get uc just slightly reduced , anything 16 thou or more u can’t get uc it’s ridiculous I know xx

@Jaymee yes anything over 6k will effect your universal credit and the amount you receive will be less, but you can claim still

@Jocelyn they won't help with rent if she gets a mortgage again

@Sam over 6K they make you use your savings to live

UC can 'ignore' a sum of money from a property for up to 6 months if it's invested into property again - there is information online about this. Hope you find something useful!

It's 6K of savings you're allowed on However if you have a parent or family member you trust you can send them the savings and UC wouldn't know

You can have savings and apply for UC, not sure who told you otherwise

Thanks. I have checked on there but the information seems abit conflicting 😂

You can have 6k worth of savings and still get UC. Obviously you might have more than that from a house so definitely think citizens advice is a good shout! Also look on entitled to. You can play around on there and it’ll give you an idea what you will be able to claim ☺️

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