Baby led weaning

My LO is 6 months now but we have been BLW since 4 months. And ive been told this is to much food by a family member? Is it? Personally she doesn't eat a lot of it but its all for the play with texture. (If wondering its carrot, broccoli, smashed cauliflower with paprika plus yogurt. With a little 1 egg omelette and orange slices)
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That does look a lot to me, it could be a bit overwhelming.

I read somewhere babies at 6-7 months should be having up to four table spoons worth of food

This is my LOs only meal of the day, she is mainly BF throught the day. She is a very hungry girl. She can eat a whole baby pouch of puree! Thanm you all for the comments, i will continue to do this for her as i believe the texture play is very important.

My boy has a good appetite, he’s having a full weetabix at breakfast with fruit in, then usually 4 or 6 different spoons of veg at tea (although he doesnt often eat quite all of this), plus a full yogurt when he wants. He stops when he’s full and if he wants it all, i let him. You do you chick x

That seems like a lot. My lo is 6 months and she gets a spoon full of 1 or 2 purées at breakfast lunch and dinner. She doesn’t eat it all either but she’s ebf. Food is expensive where I live and right now we can get away with not giving a lot because she is getting her primary nutrition through milk and not food items

I like to do abit extra then not enough my little one will sometimes eat lots at one meal then not at other times depends how hes feeling really x

I don’t think it is as I think by the time they’ve mushed it and played and put it in their mouths, they only get bits of each element, I feel like you have to give slightly bigger portions with baby led weaning. I think this looks fine ☺️

I mean it’s a lot of food but there’s clearly no expectation so why does it matter?! I’ve had the same off my MIL & I’ve carried on doing the same amounts.

Does look a lot, but if you're not bothered about wasting food and letting your baby have a variety then just carry on what you're doing 🥰

I do think it’s quiet a lot but if it works for you both I wouldn’t worry ☺️

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