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What’s the best baby carrier or sling to use? I want to buy one for my 10 month old but not sure where to start 😭
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@Diana we also love the ergo 360

We have the Ergobaby 360 and it’s great 👍 It is highly rated and although I bought two different models the 360 is definitely the better option.

Front carrier I have an Ergobaby 360, and I love it. Back carrier we have a little life which is great.

We have a few. Britax carrier, Ergobaby 360, Infantino Flip, Moby wrap. Favourite is the Britax which we still use for her now at almost 10m (9kg) and is comfy and can be tightened/loosened/removed alone. The ergobaby is good, but if we don't set up the straps perfectly then we need someone else to help us get it off safely! The Infantino Flip is just a bit skinny and small, wouldn't recommend after the first couple months. I couldn't figure out the wrap past 4m, she seems to big for it? I saw someone else had a Lifft carrier that looked really great and simple and I'm keen to buy one 😂 definitely recommend a sling library if you can, so you can try them.

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