Scan date finally 🥳

I have finally got a date for my 12 week scan! It's on 20th December, just in time for Christmas 🥰 I feel like it's a life time away but I'm so excited to see our little bean 🤍 Anyone else got scan dates or have had theirs? 🥰
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awwww yay to everyone that has their scan dates, I would absolutely love to see all you pictures afterwards 🥰

I’m so excited to see everyone’s scan pictures ❤️❤️

Mines the 20th aswell, will be the perfect Christmas present ❤️

19th December 😊👐

@Kat I followed up with them after 2 weeks as hadn't heard anything, they then gave me my booking appointment for 25th Nov, then received my scan date through the post today for 20th Dec xx

My area says I have to have a midwife appointment and then they book you in for thr scan. I have my 8 week midwife appointment next week. But I'll probably not have a scan until after Christmas

Mines the 19th 🥰

Did you get your date sent through after you had your booking in appointment?

It’ll be here before you know it 🥰

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