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What baby carriers are people buying/already bought. I’ve been looking at the ergobaby embrace and baby bjorn mini as they’re suitable for newborns and not too bulky but I’m unsure. Seen a lot of people on my social media with these 2 carriers
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When I researched this I concluded Ergobaby was best. (I ended up choosing between Ergobaby and Baby bjorn, but read the latter can be a less than ideal positioning for baby)

Chico Boppy comfy fit

I have both of those and prefer the Ergobaby Embrace. I feel babies legs are more supported with that one. Although abit more fiddly to get on and adjust without help.

I have the ergo baby 360 omni carrier that I picked up second hand and I got an ergobaby wrap because it was quite cheap on Amazon and figured might be more comfortable at home to carry baby and get stuff done

What jackets are people wearing to cover the baby?!! Or do you just put a pram/snow suit on baby?!

Baby Bjorn Harmony in Silver, it’s really nice. I originally wanted the cream one before seeing how nice silver was in real life

I've gone and bought 2 ... got the Ergo Baby 360 carrier for walks etc but then I've just recently got the Moby sling wrap which I'd use from newborn and thought might come in handy over Christmas especially being able to still participate in a hands free manner 😂

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