Rolling whilst sleeping 😴

My LB has been a fairly good sleeper at night, but recently he’s waking himself up by rolling from his back/side onto his tummy. He then wakes up on all fours, crying. He learned to roll both ways a long time ago, and has been crawling since 7 months so I’m not sure what’s brought this on or how to stop it! Anyone else experiencing the same?
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My baby done this for a while too! It was so bizarre seeing him just go on all 4s with his head down and crying. No idea what triggered it either but it did stop after a little bit. Might just be a part of a sleep regression

It won’t last long, it’ll just be a phase and he needs to adjust to the new movement!

Mine did this when she learnt to sit from lying, she would sit up at the end of almost every sleep cycle then be awake instead of falling back to sleep. I think it only lasted 2 weeks though!

@Vicky Yeah he’s been doing that for about 4 weeks now, he’s literally always on his feet when he’s awake!

Has he learnt to pull himself up to standing? My December boy kept waking up trying to practice standing up until he learnt and then a couple of weeks later it calmed down again x

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