Colostrum Harvesting?

Any tips for harvesting colostrum or even if it’s necessary. I’m due in 3 weeks and probably having a C section. I had a little go with getting some out after a bath the other day and nothing. It took a long time for anything to come last time - any suggestions?
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I was struggling but I followed this video and it was like she was coaching me through and I managed to get some

I just suck it directly in syringe, it takes a while and you need patience tbh!! I used colostrum even when my milk came in from the freezer. My main reason was to take as I have gestational diabetes it helps keeps babies sugars down! Is this something you can discuss with your midwife? They’ll explain everything to you! X

@Emily thank you. So you express it into something else or try and suck it up with syringe directly? Also- did you then just give it to baby alongside getting them to suckle? I would obviously rather baby just had it directly from the boob but just worried it will take ages like last time as will have to give formula until it comes in

Definitely necessary! It might not happen first time, it says to try for a few minutes each day. My first day I got something like 0.1ml. I wouldn’t expect a full syringe the first time you try x

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