I have a big question for you all ☺️ Do you still wash every new clothes that you buy for your baby before they wear that? Now that our babies are bigger
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I don’t wash them until I know baby is gonna wear them, lots of stuff he outgrew that I washed and couldn’t return. Sometimes if I want/neeed to put it on him right away, I won’t wash it

Nope unless they were pre-owned. I don't wash my brand new clothes before wearing either tho.

Yes always. I work in fashion. Tons of chemicals in the manufacturing, this makes me picky about where I buy from too because not all clothes are regulated that enter USA (some use chemicals that we ban actually). A lot of garments are generally mishandled, it’s easy for many small accidents to happen like dropping a sweater from the rack.

Absolutely, people who work in clothes factories and such have some really gross things to say and they say always wash new clothes they arent as clean as they seem

Yes. I always wash any new clothes I buy for myself, as well.

I do because not just because of the chemicals in manufacturing but what and who all has touched the outfit before baby is unknown to me. It can look clean but maybe it got something on it that would irritate babys skin

Ngl I never have my whole life 🤷🏼‍♀️

Yes always, you're technically supposed to wash every piece of clothing before it's worn even for adults. They have chemicals from the manufacturing process on them that are bad for you.

Yes! ...and sometimes for new clothes for my husband and me Definitely all the time for our daughter 😊 we even use a different detergent for her. We use All - clear for her and Gain for ourselves lol

Yes. I do it for myself, I'll do it for baby.

Yes! I believe you’re supposed to even grown up clothes

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