Meltdowns with familiar people

My baby has been having absolute meltdowns with her grandparents and other friends and family that she sees regularly. I am the only one who can calm her down. Even looking at these people, she gets teary-eyed and whimpery. Has anyone else gone through this? I love that I am my babies safe person and will never take that for granted, but it makes me worried that it isn't a phase.
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My baby is the exact same, sometimes even with his dad. Everyone keeps saying it’ll pass, I’m hoping it passes soon. I still leave him with his grandparents and try to see my family a lot so he gets used to it. Don’t know it that actually helps but I’m hoping it does

My baby did that too, with her grandfather and uncle..thankfully it lasted only a week

My baby has been doing the exact same thing!! He’s only okay with me or his dad. With his grandparents who come at least once a week, he screams now. They can’t even look at him without him crying. It must be a phase. I can’t wait for it to be over

You’re not alone! My baby does the same. as a FTM I don’t know if this is a phase or not either but I hope so too.

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