Coats and car seats

Do you take your little ones coat off when putting them in a car seat? Everyday I get my little one from nursery I’m the only one that takes the coat off my little one to put her in a car seat 🤦🏻‍♀️
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youd be surprised at how many people dont know this 🙄 i used to work fitting car seats and people really genuinely didnt know this was a danger x

No coats in car seats, not even the ‘car seat coats’ are safe. A jumper with a blanket is safest 😊

Try sharing this information to other moms if you can, some don’t know

Yes and anyone not doing it you should report to the nursery

No coat. I’m planning on making a car seat poncho, to prevent taking it on and off


Every time but my daughters coat is super thick but in summer with paper thin ones I don't as it won't effect her seat belt x

Yes. Off when in the seat. Or you can purchase a car seat coat or poncho type.

That’s what I thought 😭

Of course. It’s unsafe not to.

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