Living in an upstairs flat

Does anyone else feel super guilty on there downstairs neighbours while living in a maisonette/flat? Is there anything I can do to help keep the noise down? Do you let you child cry for a little bit when going to bed? I do and I feel super guilty on my neighbours but unfortunately if I keep getting him up he’ll just NEVER go to sleep😭😭
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I'd tell her kids are kids and I'd give her some ear plugs 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣 at the end of the day you can't just make a child be quiet. I hate people who comment on kids been noisey or just plain been a kid 😐🤣

I'm surprised she said something knowing what having kids is like, that would make you feel bad dependant on.what or how it was said. Does white noise help him settle any quicker at all? Sorry you feel like that it's not easy x

Awh well like i said you cant really help it can you but i can imagine how you must feel espec with them saying something :( but no you cant buy them something everytime, all you can do is apologise. Dont let it get to you :) xx

We’re in a maisonette block of 4 flats (2 houses) and have had 2 neighbours next door and downstairs comment on his screaming before xx

Yeah unfortunately they have a few times. He’s honestly so loud when he screams🥴 as much as I wish he’s just go down perfectly every night it just doesn’t happen. She’s had kids herself so understands but can’t help feel bad. I’ve brought her a bottle of wine when he was having his last regression but I just can’t do that everytime😭 xx

Have they commented that they can hear you? I live in an upstairs maisonette and my downstairs neighbours dont hear us at all really and we dont hear them. I really wouldnt worry about it, you cant help baby crying or being noisy and im sure they understand :) xx

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