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Just had my December nursery bill and they’ve charged me for Boxing Day as it’s a bank holiday! Has anyone else been charged for this? Is it normal? Just before I have a paddy 🤣
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Our nursery doesn’t charge for the week between Christmas and new year. They are only closed on Christmas and Boxing Day, but if you use the nursery on the other days you’d be charged your usual rate. They are also open all weekend their bank holidays including Easter and Good Friday so my LG still goes on them days as I don’t see the point in not sending her when she sees nursery as one big play date! X

@Jade yeah, I think it can be quite different between each nursery. I paid for bank holidays last year but I think they were open the non bank holiday days, so that is different. We're at a new nursery now and I have no idea what their policy is so we'll see!! I think a lot of nurseries struggle financially so they'll try to recuperate costs where they can.

We pay for 51 weeks of the year but the cost is split evenly across 12 months. All holidays are included.

@Sarah it states bank hols but we were charged for Christmas week last year so it appears there’s no consultancy! 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’ve emailed and asked but just wanted to get an idea of how normal this was! They usually charge for bank holidays which I don’t have a massive issue but to charge for Christmas Day (have been informed they’ve done this for those in on a Monday) and Boxing Day when they’re closed all week I think is a bit off! Just interested in seeing what other nursery’s do - thanks all!

It is quite common for nurseries to charge for bank holidays when they are closed. See if you can check the t&c that you got when you joined. I have had to pay for Christmas bank holidays.

If they are closed completely then I wouldn't expect to be charged for the bank holiday. If you haven't been charged for any other days that week then I would definitely raise it with the nursery as I wouldn't expect to pay that day!

Just email them back and ask before you pay.

I think it depends on the nursery. Mine closes for a week so I don’t pay for those days, but I know that some do charge for that week and bank holidays in general

No - completely closed which is why I am questioning it 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

I think it will depend on your nursery - our nursery does charge for bank holidays usually, but they close the week between Christmas and New year so we do not get charged for that week. Are they open the other days that week?

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