Vbac water birth plus low iron / iron infusion

Has anyone had a water birth after a vbac? I’ve been told I’m not allowed. Had a mid wife appointment also who told me my iron was 105. Below 95 I need an iron infusion which scares me as I’m needle phobic! They only told me this 8 weeks after my last blood test. Midwife lost another blood test which is very distressing as I get so upset having it done. I was also told if I did get an infusion it may permanently damage/ mark my skin. I feel like I have the 1970’s midwife from hell (she’s in her 70’s)
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Water - probably some stupid bullshit guideline that says high risk can’t use water , you need to discuss with consultant midwife or Obs Dr and have agreement to break guideline. Does your Labour ward have pools or would you be asking to go birthing center? Iron- mine went from 102 to 126 in three weeks of oral tablets so yours might go up anyway, you would “have” to have infusion they can only recommend one… Your midwife sounds shit tbh 😟

@Alice it’s all on the same floor as a huge london hospital! Birth centre, midwife led, high risk and surgery!

They have an amazing birthday facility with four pools but only 1-2 mums give birth there a day 😥

My hypnobirthing teacher had an at home water birth after VBAC so can definitely be done!

That’s such rubbish. You’re allowed to do whatever you want. They are there to advise. I was told I had to go up on labour ward as was diagnosed with gestational diabetes but I had a birth choices meeting with a senior midwife and I was told I can do what I want and was given all the information I needed in regards to risks and benefits etc. done a bit of my own research and they even agreed with me on my preferences in the end. I have no idea why you wouldn’t be allowed a water birth after a vbac?! Literally makes no sense at all! Maybe request a meeting with someone higher up?

@Ellie thank you! I had no idea, my c section was 13 years ago too and I had an internal scan to check the scar which I was told looks perfect

Apparently it’s so high risk with a 1 in 200 chance of rupturing?! And the midwife won’t allow me to have a chat with anyone because of the situation with my iron now

Happened to me , 2 weeks ago I found out my iron levels were 100 , so I’m close to needing an infusion . I’ve been on tablets for 2 weeks but I still feel exhausted x

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