Hand foot and mouth-help

Hey, picked up my son from nursery and he has hand foot and mouth. This morning he had one spot above his lip that I thought was a scratch and over the day he has developed more on his face, hands, arms, neck and ears. I’m a ftm and have no clue what to do. Do I tell my doctor? He had a temp so I gave him calpol and it helped. I know there isn’t much that can do to get rid of it and I have to let it run it’s course but is there anything I can do to make it better for him? He isn’t himself and crying loads. It’s his 1st birthday on Thursday so hoping he feels himself by then. Any tips to help get through this? He is also teething which os just adding to it all! TIA x
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@Nathalie I thought about oatmeal baths, will definitely do that for him tonight! Thank you, had a terrible night but he seems a bit brighter this morning z

@Parris oh gosh that sounds horrible! Poor little boy! My boy had a terrible night last night but seems to be okay this morning. Will do thank you x

@Stefania I will pop to the chemist today to see if they have anything! He ate a bit last night but nothing like he normally does and nursery said he didn’t eat his afternoon snack which isn’t like him as normally he asks for more! Thank you x

@joanna thank you, got ibuprofen and calpol here so will be giving them to him throughout the day. Luckily he has been good with his milk, I’m just letting him feed from me when he wants and not focusing on the food side. Will definitely do the teething gel on the dummy! Will do. Thank you xx

Thank you all! Last night was horrible, he cried in pain every hour. I’m luckily off work all week so will be here for him 24/7.

It was horrible for us. My son wouldn’t have his milk, Only water. Oat meal baths, Tylenol & aquaphor helped so much!!! The first night was just horrible and sad because nothing would soothe him. We did the aveeno oatmeal baths for like 2-3 weeks. We also used the aveeno eczema wash. It really will get worse before it gets better, it’s heartbreaking :/ lots of hugs for you guys.

Calamine lotion on the rash helped the most to dry it out quickly/help it go away quickly when my LO had it.

Aww hun I'm sorry your little one is going through this 🥰 my son had HFM when he was about 11 months and it was just calpol and lots of snuggles 💙 although he had some in-between his toes which became really bad and gooey etc so we had to take him to hospital and he had to have dressings etc so just keep an eye out but otherwise keep doing what you're doing. If at some point you think you need to phone the Dr even just for peace of mind then do it xx

This is what I did as well, hope it helps x

Hey, my son had spots coming out as well and I took him to the doctor cause I didn’t know what to do and they said it was chicken pox (even tho he only had spots on face arms and neck so I believe it was hand foot and mouth). You can go to the pharmacy and they will give you some cream to put on the spots and if he has a temp to give him calpol. Is he able to eat? My son couldn’t eat cause he had spots on his lips so I expressed milk in a cup and gave it to him via the calpol syringe. As long as he drinks it’s okay. All you can do is loads of cuddles. Good luck, you got this mama x

Keep the doses of painkillers going, lots of love and cuddles, keep offering plenty of water and milk, they can go off food and milk and get dehydrated. If he has a dummy, putting some teething gel on it for him can help with the pain from any mouth sores. As can frozen/chilled snacks. We didn’t tell our dr or go to the dr as nhs website says you don’t need to, but there are some instances where it says you should, such as dehydration, so maybe read through those to make sure you’re familiar. Really hope it’s a mild case and he doesn’t struggle too much with it. Xx

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