Mucinex success?

Looking for some Mucinex success stories… I need some hope. Miscarried our first in early October, and trying for rainbow right away. I figured I would try it since I’ve heard a lot about it.
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I tried Mucinex for a few cycles but I had success with vitamins/supplements (CoQ10, extra vit C and D, DHA) and PreSeed lube! In fact, I got twins 😳

I had better luck with low dose aspirin, and a progesterone cream found on Amazon. I think the idea with mucinex is to create healthy discharge help the sperm make it to its destination type thing but if your able to conceive but have had trouble holding the pregnancy then I’d look into the low dose aspirin and progesterone cream 😁 ( not an expert of any type just personal experience with multiple miscarriages and these things I give some credit to for conceiving and having my daughter 😁)

I tried everything just because it couldn't hurt right. The cycle we conceived we were taking max strength Mucinex and I even tried moon water lol I even put the baby blanket under the Christmas tree

@Angela Thanks! I’m hopeful for this month. Going away for thanksgiving so will get lots of sleep and free time for bd!

Me! But not sure if that was only reason for success I also started taking heart and soil her package supplement and drank womb warming tea by wisdom of the womb the combo worked!

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