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Hey girls, I’ve never really thought of it before but my baby is 10 months old and in a size 6 in nappies. My friend pointed out that her little girl is 2 years old and in a size 6. Is anyone else’s 10 month old in same size as mine??
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Yip my 11 month old has been in size 6 for a couple of months now and I have a 3 year old wearing size 7 at night! Just make the baby comfortable and try not to let it stress you out.

Very common😊 my 1 year old son wears the same size pullups as my 3 year old daughter

I’m a size 5 at 11 months and just changed from a 4. Just read the weight on the box. If that matches then use those. Also look at how much “output” there is lol

My 2yr old girl is in size 6 nappies but my 2.5mth old boy is in size 3 for the last while and he'll be moving up to size 4 soon enough! 🙈 he's a chunk by comparison! My little girl was in size 4 at the year mark or bit before as far as I can remember!

Yeah my 5 month old has been in 5+ nappies since he was 4 months. He's a huge boy, his cousin is 2 and she wears size 5. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Different bums different nappies ha

My boy is 12 months size 3

My 7 month old is in size 6

Don't worry I was you once. My 13 month boy and 3 year girl (Only at night) wears same size 7. He was on 6 size in his 10 months. I think boys need bigger size than girls.

My 10 month old is in size 5! Different bums different sizes 😅

My little girl is 9 months and her size is 4 but next time i will order size 5 as she is irritated by the nappy

My boy is 17months in size 5, every baby is different don’t worry some babies actually go down sizes as they lose the little fat rolls when they start walking❤️❤️

Definitely depends on size of baby my boy is 14 months and in size 4

My 3 and a half month old is in size 3 nappies and has been for about a month now but my cousin has a 2 year old and he's only in size 4, also one of my friends has a 4 and a half month old and she's only gone into size 2 nappies!

My 8month old is in size 6. My friends one year old is in size 5. Just depends on baby

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