Having a hard time eating.😭

Anyone else having a hard time just feeling motivated to eat? 🥺 I've never been a person that eats a lot. I've mainly started meals at 10am or 12pm (the latest). Of course now I try to eat about 10 am. I get so nauseous just thinking about food. I do eat because I know my growing baby needs nutritious meals. I eat lintels, chicken soup, eggs with toast and other delicious foods. I just have trouble even thinking about my next meal. I feel like I'm already failing as a mother. 😭 Does anyone have any advice or going through the same thing? Thank you for taking the time to read this. 💖
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See I have this problem I'm 30 weeks n I been havin trouble eatin it's like I really don't have a appetite all I really do is snack or drink water n wen I do eat it's like I get so full quickly

Could you try starting off the day with a nutritious smoothie or having that as a snack through the day.

Hi you’re not failing at all ! I have HG so can’t eat until 6/7pmdaily ! And have been getting in a meal or 2 before bed to make up for the lack of food in the beginning of the day. Your baby will be ok and take precedence, my doctor keeps telling me to just get whatever food and drink I can in when I can, and to not worry too much about what and when, the body gives the baby what it needs first and from the sounds of it you’re doing great despite how nauseous the thought of food is ❤️

That’s SOOOO common during your first trimester! Some women even loose weight during this time. With my last baby all I could stomach for weeks was Doritos and Cup Noodles. Is that an ideal diet for growing a new baby? No, no it is not. But my son developed just fine and is now 11 months old, happy and healthy. Give yourself some grace, stay hydrated, and take your prenatal vitamins. Your appetite should come back (probably with a vengeance) once you get through this trimester. You’ve got this Mama! 💪🏽❤️‍🔥

I’ve had to force myself to eat for a while but I’m my first trimester the thought of food disgusted me try crackers and stay hydrated!

Im the same I think my appetite is due to my anxiety. I have high PPA especially around breastfeeding so it makes it hard to eat a lot of the time. Its slowly getting better but yes its hard!!

I’m exactly the same. And when I do eat I don’t really enjoy it. I’m hoping this improved further into the second trimester. Don’t feel bad it’s such a huge change to your hormones and body 💓all you can do is try your best, but you’re definitely not alone xx

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