Getting fed up now!

We have 0 relationships with BiL due to his online activity on tiktok. Lying about being in gangs, having mental health issues, being overly sexual in videos etc. We've also found out he's a pedophile. And he's sending half naked photos of his exes daughters to people saying it's his daughters. We do not allow him access to our children and have our social media's locked right now so he can't get photos of our children. MiL and FiL (who he lives with) agree with our rules however don't really bother giving him into crap for all this stuff. We have a rule that he's not allowed updates, photos etc of our sons. However MiL a few weeks back got large fridge magnets made with sons face on it and a canvas for her wall of son and husband which we agreed was okay for them to put up. However yesterday found BiL tiktoks and he's doing these erotic thirst traps that are cringy right in front of the fridge where you can quite clearly see my sons face in the videos. He's done some in front of the canvas too and putting alot of dangerous stuff on. The guy is almost 30 so he knows better. I text MiL last night to ask her to take anything of the kids down from walls etc, said she read it but the time it says she read it she wouldn't be awake so think BiL read and deleted message. Today, we recieve a amazon parcel. An ABC interactive poster and we were confused as didn't order but there was a gift note inside with BiL name on it. When we contacted MiL to say how has he gotten the address, she said that he didn't get it but that he asked her to send our unborn baby a gift from him. The gift is useless for a new born baby so found this weird, however he knows he's not to have anything to do with our children and feel he played MiL in his hand to mess with us. MiL and FiL know better than to allow this but have. I'm now left contemplating telling them to cancel their Christmas flights up as I don't want them in my home. Anyone got some advise? MIL isn't stupid btw, she's very knowledgeable as works as a banker in the bank HQ
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@YazmynJade She tried reporting it and was told by police on her side it was "more bother than worth" and that its not illegal for him to have the photos only if sexually explicit. Apparently half naked little girls don't count.

I'm pretty sure that doesn't matter the CP team with the police will look into it and do a joint investigation with her local police

@Sarah 💛 he's the laziest PoS I've ever met, keeps faking being hurt at work to quit jobs or gets sacked. He's like a 7 year old that lives off energy drinks, coffee, sugar and tobacco and expects parents to pay it all. I'm tempted to out his tiktok as he's got over 2000 followers but then people will easily find out who I am through association and I don't want that at all. I dont want them coming here and don't know how to tell them. Husband agrees and doesn't want them here either

@YazmynJade because not my children, I can't. The girl knows but. She's in American and he's in England. He took the screenshots on video call without her knowledge whilst the girls were dressing for daycare

I'd also report him for sending the photos

Cut them out your life block them on everything

@Ajak husbands said to me he's now wanting to start disconnecting from them as they've had too many warnings

I personally wouldn’t allow them to come near my child/children. Tell them to cancel their flight it’s a safety risk to your family

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