Scrambled egg, baked beans and brocolli for dinner

I feel like shite today. Be honest, what are your thoughts on my LOs dinner this evening.
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Absolutely nothing wrong with that!!

Scrambled egg is one of my go to “meals” for my little girl as well 👍 so quick and easy!

Mine had the same today. Just peas instead of broccoli 😁

So many lovely messages. Thank you so much 💓

As long as your baby has food then you're doing good mama... My son is fussy at the moment so some nights it fruit and yoghurt... Just whatever he will eat. Used to eat absolutely everything we had x

We are having just sausages, because that's all he will eat atm. He did eat alot for lunch so I don't feel to bad. You have to pick your battles. He also snacks on alot of fruit in the day.

Veg and protein! Perfect! Be kind to yourself xx

There is nutrition in there, so 🤷🏻 Don't be too hard on yourself. On days when our little man doesn't eat as well as we would like, we remember that his diet is still better than a significant portion of the world's population... And yet others with much poorer diets live long lives!

Full of protein to keep a little tummy full and some veg, sounds pretty damn good

Sounds great !! I do scrambled egg sometimes when I’m exhausted ! Bonus points for brocolli 🤣 mine doesn’t touch hers - it goes straight on the floor 🤣

My son would only eat spaghetti hoops for his dinner yesterday, wouldn't even touch his sausage or chips x

Some nights all my girl will have is either baked beans or scrambled eggs (oddly she's also a huge broccoli fan too haha). It's got everything they need and they've eaten so it's a win!

@Laura 🥲. Thank you hun ✨️

Mine had a fruit pouch!! Yours sounds great. At this point whatever he'll eat is what he gets because he's full on refusing 99% of stuff. Your child has a full belly and is loved - you're doing great

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