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Ultrasound today said baby is 9.5 pounds and I’m only at a 2 dilated. They are going to induce me tonight and do pitocin and epidural and said c section is not off the table. Ummm. I’m just nervous. FTM. Someone tell me something encouraging!
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I was almost 10lbs when I was born and my mom did it vaginally without drugs. My MIL had an almost 11lb baby (she’s tiny) and she said he was her easiest and quickest labor. All natural.

I just gave birth vaginally to a 9.5 lb baby! You can do it! I recommend an epidural if possible, just in case you do need a c-section. If you have an epidural line in they don't need to put you under general anesthesia, they can just up the epidural medication.

They aren’t always accurate so try not to stress! They wanted to induce me with my second because they thought he’d stopped growing and was est only 6lbs, but I was already dilating so wasn’t induced and he came out at 8lbs! x

I went in to be induced last week because they said my baby was probably 9lb 6oz, Dr and I both agreed to try and labor/deliver naturally and see what happens. I labored for 24 hours, started out at 5cm and ended at 5cm so we ended up doing a c section. I'm grateful I didn't progress naturally because my baby ended up being 9lb 11oz. They do say the baby can be bigger or smaller so you just never know. I wish you the best of luck! Either way, just know that everything is going to work out and you'll soon have your baby in your arms

My doula told me in her experience (166 births) that she had not seen any complications from the baby being too big that actually its smaller babies that tend to cause more trouble because they have the room to get into weird positions, you can do this momma! Advocate for what you want!! ❤️❤️

Had a feeling my baby was big so I requested an ultrasound at 38 weeks they estimated her to be 11lb 4oz so I had a scheduled c section & she was indeed 11lbs 4oz. I was ALL baby.😬 I know it’s scary but you’ve got this!

I just had my baby boy (FTM as well) and he was 9 pounds 1 ounce and 22 inches long. I had him vaginally and quite honestly, it wasn’t as scary as I thought! I had a bad experience with the staff, but the whole process as a whole was SO calming and relaxing!! I had Pitocin and an epidural as well along with them breaking my water, and after my water broke it all happened so fast!! You got this😊😊

My mom birthed my 9 lb brother vaginally no problem, and she’s tiny!

I just literally came from my doctors appointment and my doctor just recommended an ultrasound because my measurements are further along. He is concerned that I’ll have a 9 pound baby. I asked what my options would be, he said a C-section most likely. I do not want to go the cesarean route. I pray I can I have a vaginal birth. My ultrasound is tomorrow so I find out for sure then. I truly understand your thoughts. I am sending you lots of love & positivity. & remember you are strong than you know. Wishing you a safe & happy delivery. ❤️

Everything will be great. Just take it a step at a time 🙂 I had a C-Section and in the end, all that matters is your baby gets delivered safely and soundly.

The ultrasounds can be way off… In my case it’s a little different cause they were telling me she was measuring in at 7 pounds 11 ounces. 4 days later when I gave birth she was 9 pounds 3 ounces. Just remember you got this!! Either way you got this!!!

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