Which pram?

I am toying between the icandy Peach 7 or the silver cross reef prams. Anyone got any insight into which is best from experience?
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I know loads of people who have icandy and recommend it. That’s what we are going for

I had the Silvercross dune which is very similar to the reef. I had endless problems with the breaks. Had to be returned after 10 weeks then two weeks after received a brand new chassis the same happened again. It was horrendous on ANY terrain, couldn’t even handle a dropped kerb. They look lovely but it was truly awful. We ended up getting a full refund and went for the oyster 3 as it was most like the Silvercross. I LOVE it!! It has all the good functions like the Silvercross but it is such a good all terrain pram. icandy I didn’t like, bucket seat was crap!

It took me SO long to choose one, but ended up with the Reef. It’s amazing. I live near a large gravel trail/lake and it’s really wonderful off road. A tad heavy but super smooth. Looks nice and so sturdy. I don’t have experience with icandy but someone in my mothers group has it and likes it.

I have only heard good things about the Nuna so that might be one you want to consider. Go try them out and see what feels best for you.

I wanted to silver cross reef but ended up getting the Egg2. Was so much lighter and easier to fold down

I’m gonna go for the silver cross reef pram. Definitely don’t recommend the icandy. My friend has it and she said it was crap, so flimsy and broke.

I candy peach 7 we love ours xx

I’ve ordered the iCandy Peach 7 in Coco and it is such a beautiful pram! I was also between silver cross and iCandy but I loved that the iCandy had such a big basket and somewhere for a toddler to stand build in. It seemed to be very sturdy and solid which I liked Xx

I have the icandy Peach 7 - I love it. I personally think it’s very easy to push, doesn’t feel too heavy. Easy to fold up and down once you know how, has enough basket space underneath and it’s beautiful!

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