Weight of baby ?

When/how did everyone find out the estimated weight of baby, is this done during scans ? Currently 35 weeks and not been told about how much she weighs?
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Thank you everyone 🥰

@Corinne have you looked at the paper they put in your book? Underneath the measurements should be an est weight, I've never been told my baby's weights just always looked on there. Also should tell you the centile they're on

36 weeks scan and never get told weights ..

36 weeks scan will tell you x

My last two scans after 7 months I have been told the weight

You’ll only know if you have to go in for growth scans due to concerns if baby maybe too big or too small unfortunately x

I have regular growth scans every two weeks that's how I know and I have a GROW chart on the badger app

I’m 35 weeks (but 36+4 according to periods) and baby is currently 6lbs

I never get told weights but they always print something out which at the bottom of things measured will tell you est fetal weight and centile

36 week scan x

I have regular growth scans due to having gestational diabetes and I get told her weight at each appointment. Yesterday at 36+4 they told me she is now estimated at 7lbs 2x

I’m 37+2 and only got told an estimated weight at my last scan (20 weeks). Unless your midwife has cause for concern with growth and sends you in for a growth scan then you won’t know the estimate weight. I asked the same at my appointment today :)

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